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MSL Builds Influence and Delivers Impact. We are MSL Czech Republic.

From consumers to commerce, campaigns to narrative, data to content, we create value. Storytelling to engagement, influence to experiences, marketing to reputation – we make our clients’ voice matter. Great results validate what we do each day. We are thankful for clients who inspire us, partners who collaborate with us, and colleagues whose energy and powerful ideas rock the world!

  • Established in 2017, MSL Czech Republic has become a part of the world´s 3rd largest communications network – Publicis Groupe. Its Prague office joined in 2017.
  • Over 111 offices located throughout 38 countries.
  • More than 3 100+ people; team of professionals in Czech Republic & Slovakia.
  • Our practices
    Corporate Communications & Reputation Management
    Consumer Communications
    Employer Branding
    Communications in the Healthcare System
    Crisis Communications
    Sustainability & CSR
    Digital & Social Media
  • Industries we create stories for
    Tourism & Travel Industry
    Consumer Goods
    Food, Beverage & Agriculture
    Healthcare & Pharmaceutics
    Media & Marketing

Corporate Communications & Reputation Management

We advise our clients in strengthening and protecting their reputation

Reputation determines success or failure. Your company’s reputation influences purchasing decisions of increasingly well-informed consumers as well as its capital market valuation. Reputation plays a decisive role when it comes to your operational scope in a business, political, and regional environment.

We help you to maximize your operational scope and protect and continuously increase your company’s value. We strategically position you in your stakeholder environment, strengthen your subject profile and manage critical issues for you. We do this by communicating for you on a daily basis, by advising you, and by supporting you during change processes and in crisis situations.

We develop stories that strengthen your profile and trigger a response against the background of current issues and news. At the same time, we identify critical issues at an early stage and develop a credible and consistent messaging, tailored to your individual stakeholder groups.

Consumer Communications

Creative Storytelling

If you want to reach, inspire, and activate consumers, you need to shape information into issues and issues into stories. We translate the messages of your brands into stories and disseminate these through the right channels to the relevant listeners in order to inform, initiate dialogs, and establish relationships. Only those who manage to set up a dialog between consumers and brands are taken seriously as dialog partners in today’s conversation economy. We are creative storytellers. We observe opinions in real time and offer flexible dialogs that can be controlled and evaluated. In this way, we leverage the potential fans, followers, and communities hold for your brands.

Media relations

Today everybody can be a journalist: you only need a smartphone and Internet access. A blog is quickly set up – just like a twitter account or YouTube channel. With a little courage, talent, and luck, everyone can reach millions of people and have an audience matching that of CNN. Whether online or offline – we speak the language of journalists and bloggers. Due to our journalistic experience we can prepare issues the way local, national, and international media love it: precise, comprehensible, reliable, and always with a story offering added value.

Influencer Relations

What is the use of a relevant story if it is not told? Apart from a good story, brands need the right multipliers who successfully disseminate the story. Close networking with opinion leaders is therefore an essential element of your Consumer & Product PR strategy. Influencer relations ensure a targeted approach of stakeholders who enable change and influence their environment. We link you up with multipliers from the areas of media, digital & social media, key opinion leaders, and public affairs. We identify relevant multipliers and enable you to enter a dialog on relevant issues.

Employer Branding

Creating successful employer brands

Recruit, motivate, and retain employees: Human resources is a core management and communications task. The competition among employers for the best brains requires smart communications. A traditional job advertisement alone is not sufficient. Building relationships with relevant academic institutions, human resources PR, and social media platforms have rapidly gained in significance in the field of recruiting marketing.

What is attractive about your company? Which arguments do you choose to convince talents? Is your employer brand attractive enough? We develop authentic employer brands. We help you position yourself sustainably as an attractive employer.

We do Employer Branding together with HR Marketing.

Communications in the Healthcare System

A matter of trust

Health is a matter of trust. But the trust in many actors in the healthcare sector is visibly decreasing. At the same time, the industry is undergoing radical changes. These changes are accelerated by several trends: massive cost pressure in the healthcare systems, the end of the pharmaceutical industry’s blockbuster phase, and the related search for new business models. At the same time, communication patterns of patients, healthcare professionals, payers, influencers, and politicians are changing. Digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way patients obtain information and, simultaneously, created meta trends such as Quantified Self. More than ever, good communication is important for business success in the healthcare sector.

Strong stories, precise messages – independent of communication channels

Your story is at the center of everything we do. We develop relevant messages also when faced with complex and complicated issues. We find the right mix to address your concern with utmost precision toward healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and in the political arena. Strong stories and tailor-made messages are based on precise analyses that we can provide due to our healthcare expertise. Our campaign concepts are channel-neutral: we cover the whole spectrum of communications, ranging from media relations to the conception of dialog formats, from media co-operations to advertorials, advertising, webcasts, and films.

Reliable in identifying trends and well-connected with industry experts

Particularly in the healthcare sector, access to expertise and the latest trends is more significant than ever. MSL Germany cooperates closely with external experts from the healthcare sector and, additionally, makes use of the international healthcare expertise within MSLGROUP. The knowledge and experience of these partners is integrated in our advisory work for you. We moreover maintain and organize connections for you in the healthcare sector, in the scientific community, specialist groups, and among important political actors.

Crisis Communications

Special challenges – Change and Crisis

In potentially critical change processes or crisis situations we provide professional scenario planning based on our comprehensive monitoring tools. We advise and support you intensely, proactively, and, if required, with a 24h on-duty service during a crisis and also take on the role of an external press office.

We develop messages and plan communication processes that inform, activate, and involve employees, business partners, shareholders, journalists, and the general public. We work closely with those involved in change processes: law firms, accountants, and corporate consultants.

Sustainability & CSR

Influenced by the company‘s everyday activities

We create CSR strategies which consist of identifying the various social or environmental issues influenced by the company’s everyday activities. We then create a platform through which we can engage with the surrounding communities, and use it to attain our positive social and environmental targets.

CSR activities tailored to fit consumer needs give us a competitive edge and result in an increase in revenue whilst simultaneously improving the social and environmental conditions deemed important to the communities involved around the company.

Digital & Social Media

Digital dialogs shape the reputations of brands, companies, and institutions

The advent of social media has ushered in the conversation age, fundamentally changing the way we communicate. Whether Facebook as viral content recommendation channel, Twitter as dialog platform in the general elections, Instagram as driver of a new type of visual communication, or bloggers as new opinion-shapers – today, virtual, digital conversations are around us almost everywhere and at all times.

Brands, companies, and institutions are also part of these conversations – whether they want to or not. The social web today often triggers crises – a good preparation to prevent and manage such crises is thus very important. If challenges are approached in the right fashion, however, the conversation economy offers more opportunities than risks.

Placing you and your topics in the web and the conversation

We help our clients listen to digital conversations and cull the right insights from them. We measure the reputation of companies and brands and strengthen these through a focused exchange with stakeholders and multipliers. The aim is to establish a lasting dialog and productive exchange between companies and institutions and their target groups and stakeholders in order to be part of these digital conversations.

What we do

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Monitoring & Analytics
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A part of Publicis One in the Czech Republic

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